Evoland (2013)

3.59 from 35 votes
A homage to action-adventure and Japanese role playing games throughout the ages. Graphics range from Game Boy style graphics to fully rendered 3D.
First released
Apr 4, 2013
Developed by
Shiro Games
Published by
Shiro Games
Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android
Role-Playing, Action-Adventure
  • MAC - Evoland (GOG) United Kingdom
  • NSW - Evoland Legendary Edition United States
  • PC - Evoland United States
  • PC - Evoland (GOG) United Kingdom

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Neat concept and the first hour or so is fun but when the fundamental changes in gameplay slow down the game really starts to drag and lean on references way too hard. Tries to do like 5 different genres and none of them are done particularly well, with the turn based combat being exceptionally bad on the basis of an insane encounter rate in the overworld and the fights themselves being really slow despite there being no meaningful decisions for the player to make.
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Bueno (7)
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Evoland tries to impress RPG fans with Nostalgia but....
Game: Evoland
Genre: RPG
Publisher/Developer: Shiro Games
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 70/100
Value Score: 7.0/10

• Story: 6/10
• Characters: 7/10
• GamePlay: 7/10
• Graphics: 8/10
• Sound: 7/10
• Music: 7/10
• Length: 4/10
• Replay Value: 7/10
• Player Value: 7/10

+Unique progression evolves the visuals and gameplay the more you play
+References from different RPGs and anime series in both gameplay and during conversations with NPCs
+Turn based like Final Fantasy, Action-Adventure like Zelda and Dungeon Crawler like Mechanics in certain parts of the game
+Sidequests which are not important to the storyline are included which will help you make the game easier or get achievements

-Advertised as Full Controller Support however does not detect controllers automatically as it should, compatibility settings need to be changed on pad.exe and evoland.exe to windows 7. Also PS4 controller does not work at all, Xbox360 controller and Keyboard/Mouse works fine
-Very short
-Controls feel sluggish at times
-Story not memorable at all
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