Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you implement my feature request?

    I really love hearing from you about what features you think might be great for Darkadia. Chances are though, I've heard them before or am already planning to implement them. Please check the roadmap for a list of planned features.

  • When sorting by community rating, or when browsing the highest rated games, why do some games appear higher than others even though they have a lower rating?

    The games are sorted using a Bayesian estimate, which basically means that we factor in the number of votes a game has when calculating its position in the list. This avoids the situation where game A with a rating of 5 from 1 vote is ranked higher than game B with a rating of 4.6 from 300 votes.

    Here's how we calculate the rankings (borrowed, with thanks, from IMDB):

    Weighted rating (WR) = (v / (v + m)) × R + (m / (v + m)) × C

    R = average rating for the game (mean)
    v = number of votes for the game
    m = minimum number of votes required to be considered for ranking
    C = the average rating of all games in the database

  • Why are certain games not returned by the search facility?

    Two possible reasons: (1) The game is not in the database, or (2) the search facility is unable to find it. If you suspect that the game is not in the database, you should know that all game data is provided by Giant Bomb, a user-editable database of games. Please feel free to register there and add or edit to your heart's content.

    If you believe the game does exist in the database, you may be able to add it to your library by tracking down its page on Darkadia.

    Here's how to find the game's detail page on Darkadia:

    Find the game on Giant Bomb, and take a look at the URL. For example, this is the URL of Brütal Legend:

    The bolded bit in that URL (20700) is the game's unique ID, and can be used to navigate directly to the game's page on Darkadia. Continuing with our example, Brütal Legend's page on Darkadia would be:

  • I'm not happy with the content/cover art of a particular game. Will you fix it?

    No, but you can. All game data is provided by Giant Bomb, a user-editable database of games. Please feel free to register there and add or edit to your heart's content. The data retrieved from Giant Bomb is updated on a weekly basis.

  • Can everyone see my library?

    Yes, by default your games library is publicly visible. Everyone will also be able to see whether you love, own, have played or have finished a game, if you have provided that information. However, no-one will be able to see your game notes. If you want, you can set your entire profile to private from the settings page.

  • Which web browsers are supported?

    Darkadia makes use of modern web technologies and, as such, requires a modern browser to run. The site is routinely tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE. It works best in these browsers, though Safari, Firefox or Chrome are recommended for top performance. Earlier versions of browsers will never (intentionally) be supported.

  • I've found a bug. What should I do?

    Please drop me a line and I'll take a look.