About Darkadia

Darkadia is a games database that gives you all the tools you need to manage, organize and track your video game collection.

Quickly assemble your library by searching and selecting from over 30,000 titles Tag platforms, favourite games, play status, and more
Tag games with your own custom categories Rate your games and view the community's rating
Create public notes, or secure notes for storing CD keys and serial numbers Filter by tag or keyword to quickly track down a game in your collection
No risk: Quickly export and download your collection


How does it work?

Darkadia has access to the immense user-maintained database of games provided by Giant Bomb. Adding a game to your library is as easy as searching or selecting from the list of popular and top-rated games and clicking the add button.

Darkadia automatically retrieves all the game information and box art for each game you add to your catalog. Your catalogue is displayed as boxes with quality artwork on a bookshelf:

Sample Darkadia shelf

Clicking a game's box on your shelf pops up a dialog window where you can view the game's details, set your custom toggles (played/playing, finished, owned, loved), rate the game, tag your platforms, and add game notes:

Sample game dialog

The library interface allows you to filter your catalogue by the values of these toggles, as well as by platform and genre. A keyword search is also provided to quickly find a particular game. And finally you can sort your catalogue by title, date added, rating, community rating and release date.

Take a look at a sample library, or sign up now for a free account.