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Firstly, thank you for clicking the link that brought you to this page.

Darkadia is a free service. It's developed by me, Rob Schmitt, in my spare time. I built it because I needed it. It so happens there's a great big bunch of you who really enjoy using it too, and I get a great buzz from knowing Darkadia is being used and relied upon by thousands of fellow gamers.

Your donations help pay the hosting fees and help me spend more time working on Darkadia, which will hopefully mean I can get new features to you sooner. Plus I can guarantee you'll get a warm and fuzzy feeling from knowing you've contributed to Darkadia in a meaningful way.

If you would like to support Darkadia with a donation, please let me know your username (either using the feedback form or as a message during the donation process), so I can add you to the list of contributors. A brief message would be nice too!

Thanks very much,
Rob (Tinylogan)

Top Contributors
Deepo£30.00Thanks for this great site, this makes completing my games more fun!
AlphaBovine£25.00Thanks! This beats an Excel spreadsheet any day!
MCL£15.00Thanks for this site, it looks great so far!
nintendoeats£15.00Finally, with a simple search I can remind myself of all the terrible games I own! And I nevr could have done it without the magic of...DARKADIA!!!!
Fuguman£12.50This has been incredibly useful, a *sincere* thanks for all your hard work. I'll be sending a feedback form soon just to mention some things I'd love to see :D
RightIKnow£12.13Keep up the masterful work! Runs great on an ipad or phone and i have no complaints.
SuperJoe£10.00I've been using Darkadia for 2 years and 45 weeks as of this message, and I keep coming back because of what a great and simple service it provides. I keep telling anyone who will listen about this excellent site, and I continue to watch Darkadia's development with great interest.
exaboy£10.00This is for you finally pulling your finger out and doing something terrific!
AlphaBovine£10.00[No message, but special mention to AlphaBovine for donating twice!]
keimevo£10.00A very nice and helpful site for a guy who likes to collect games :) Keep up the good work! My username is keimevo. Thank you!
deanbmmv£10.00Great site, helped me somewhat plough through backlog, figured I should give something back.
phatmanjohn£10.00Thanks for your hard work putting this site together - it's a fantastic tool, and really well presented. Keep it up!
alexnz£10.00No message.
Aerothorn£7.00Thanks for this awesome resource!
chriszissis£7.00Awesome site. Thanks for your hard work.
winteriscoming£6.00Here, have some money.
rtrind £6.00I love this site and I think you deserve some appreciation for all the hard work. Darkadia is the only site to cover my backlog needs so far. Thanks for the awesome work.
Flimgoblin£5.00Thanks for saving me from having to make this.
HelloMcFly£5.00It's great to track my library across one PC and two consoles without buying an extra bookshelf.
theballsgetslapped£5.00No message.
£5.00Darkadia rocks! Keep up the great work and thank you for this awesome site!
Deventy£4.00No message.
KodeAndGame£1.00No message.
Varlokkur£1.00Neat idea! Much more stylish than the excel spreadsheet I've been using to keep track of my games :)