Star Cruiser

An early first-person role-playing shooter released by Arsys Software. Ahead of its time, it had 3D polygon graphics, FPS gameplay, strafing controls, open-world space exploration, and an epic sci-fi space opera plot.
First released
Star Cruiser
Developed by
Arsys Software, Inc.
Published by
Arsys Software, Inc., Namco, D4 Enterprise, Inc., Masaya
Genesis, PC, Sharp X68000, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, Sharp X1
Adventure, Role-Playing, First-Person Shooter, Vehicular Combat
Sci-Fi, Anime
  • GEN - Star Cruiser Japan
  • GEN - Star Quest United States
  • GEN - Star Quest United Kingdom
  • PC - Star Cruiser Japan
  • PC88 - Star Cruiser Japan
  • PC98 - Star Cruiser Japan
  • X1 - Star Cruiser Japan
  • X68K - Star Cruiser Japan

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