Metal Gear (1987)

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Known as the first stealth-action game, Metal Gear tells the tale of Solid Snake, a rookie operative of the U.S. special forces unit FOXHOUND, as he infiltrates Outer Heaven, a fortified military compound, to destroy a mysterious superweapon known as "Metal Gear".
First released
Jul 7, 1987
Metal Gear
Developed by
Konami, Unlimited Software, Inc.
Published by
Ultra Games, Konami, Magnussoft Deutschland GmbH
Amiga, Commodore 64, MSX, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Entertainment System, GameCube, PlayStation 3, Wii Shop, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Network (Vita)
Sci-Fi, Espionage, Modern Military
CERO: 18+
  • C64 - Metal Gear United Kingdom
  • C64 - Metal Gear United States
  • GCN - Metal Gear (MGS: Twin Snakes Premium Package) Japan
  • MSX - Metal Gear Japan
  • MSX - Metal Gear United Kingdom
  • NES - Metal Gear United States
  • NES - Metal Gear Japan
  • NES - Metal Gear United Kingdom
  • PC - Metal Gear United Kingdom
  • PC - Metal Gear United States
  • PS2 - Metal Gear (Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence) Japan
  • WSHP - Metal Gear (MSX) Japan

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