Metroid (1986)

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Don the Power Suit of intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran as she recaptures the dangerous Metroid species from the evil Space Pirates. Released by Nintendo in 1986, this game introduced the "Metroidvania" style of open-world gameplay on consoles.
First released
Aug 6, 1986
Famicom Mini: Metroid, Classic NES Series: Metroid, NES Classics: Metroid, メトロイド
Developed by
Nintendo R&D1, Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., Retro Studios, Next Level Games, Inc., Team Ninja, Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
Published by
Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii Shop, Famicom Disk System, Nintendo 3DS eShop, Wii U, Nintendo Switch
ESRB: E, PEGI: 7+, CERO: A, CERO: All Ages, PEGI: 3+, OFLC: G
  • 3DSE - Metroid United States
  • 3DSE - Metroid United Kingdom
  • 3DSE - Metroid Australia
  • 3DSE - Metroid Japan
  • FDS - Metroid Japan
  • GBA - Famicom Mini: Metroid Japan
  • GBA - Classic NES Series: Metroid United States
  • GBA - NES Classics: Metroid United Kingdom
  • NES - Metroid United States
  • NES - Metroid (Classic Series) United States
  • NES - Metroid United Kingdom
  • NSW - Metroid United States
  • WiiU - Metroid Australia
  • WiiU - Metroid United States
  • WiiU - Metroid United Kingdom
  • WSHP - Metroid United States
  • WSHP - Metroid United Kingdom
  • WSHP - Metroid Japan
  • WSHP - Metroid Australia

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