Scurge: Hive (2006)

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Bounty hunter Jenosa Arma went against her instincts and took the job anyway. Now she's trapped in a giant research lab in space, fending off a parasite called Scurge. She must get to the root of the infection before it takes over everything--including her own body.
First released
Oct 24, 2006
Developed by
Orbital Media, Inc.
Published by
SouthPeak Interactive, LLC, Orbital Media, Inc.
Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS
PEGI: 7+, ESRB: E10+
  • DS - Scurge: Hive United Kingdom
  • DS - Scurge: Hive United States
  • GBA - Scurge: Hive United Kingdom
  • GBA - Scurge: Hive United States
  • GIZ - Scurge: Hive United States

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