Burai Fighter (1990)

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Burai Fighter is a side-scrolling/top-down shooter released for the NES, Game Boy and later the Game Boy Color adopting different names with each release. Featuring upgradable weapons and the ability to shoot in eight directions, the player must destroy the Burai and their seven bases.
First released
Jan 1, 1990
Burai Fighter Deluxe, Burai Fighter Color, Space Marauder
Developed by
KID Corp., SETA Corporation, Thinking Rabbit, Disco
Published by
Agetec, Inc., Taito Corporation, Taxan, Taxan USA Corp.
Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Color
Action, Shoot 'Em Up
  • GB - Burai Fighter Deluxe United States
  • GB - Burai Fighter Deluxe Japan
  • GBC - Space Marauder United States
  • GBC - Burai Fighter Color Japan
  • NES - Burai Fighter United States
  • NES - Burai Fighter United Kingdom
  • NES - Burai Fighter Japan

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