Fallout (1997)

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A critically acclaimed role-playing game developed by Black Isle Studios and Tim Cain in 1997, Fallout established itself as a prominent post-apocalyptic universe with a dark sense of humor.
First released
Sep 30, 1997
Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game
Developed by
Black Isle Studios, Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Published by
Interplay Entertainment Corp., MacPlay, Zenimax Media Inc
Mac, PC
Sci-Fi, Alternate Historical, Post-Apocalyptic
  • MAC - Fallout United States
  • MAC - Fallout (Re-Issue) United States
  • MAC - Fallout United States
  • PC - Fallout Anthology United States
  • PC - Fallout United Kingdom
  • PC - Fallout United Kingdom
  • PC - Fallout United States
  • PC - Fallout United States

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Fallout 1 is not for everyone
Fallout, the first of the series, is a good RPG and definitely worthy playing if you're a fallout fan. But the game has various issues that can cause trouble during your gameplay.

Firstly: the game is old (REALLY OLD), naturally the graphics and mechanics will feel outdated and obsolete.

Not only that, the game is counterintuitive and there's no tutorial whatsoever; most things you learn either watching videos explaining how the game works or by reading the manual (boring stuff). All that adds up to make the learning curve so hard for beginners or people just looking after a casual game. I, for example, struggled to get used to it and many times I needed to watch a walkthrough or read the wiki only to know what to do next.

After all the traumatic experience of the game's beginning, I can safely say Fallout 1 is fun and a good game overhaul.

Rating score: 7/10
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