Sorcerian (1987)

Sorcerian, also known as Dragon Slayer V: Sorcerian, is an action RPG released by Nihon Falcom in 1987. It was considered unique for its party-based action combat, magic combination system, and open-ended multi-scenario system that could be extended with expansion packs.
First released
Dec 20, 1987
Dragon Slayer, Sorcerian, G-Mode Archives
Developed by
Nihon Falcom Corp.
Published by
Victor Entertainment, Nihon Falcom Corp., Slash Corporation, Sierra
Genesis, MSX, TurboGrafx-CD, PC, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, Sharp X1, Nintendo Switch
Role-Playing, Platformer, Action-Adventure
Fantasy, Anime, Medieval
  • GEN - Sorcerian Japan
  • GEN - Sorcerian Japan
  • MSX - Dragon Slayer V: Sorcerian Japan
  • PC - Sorcerian United States
  • PC - Sorcerian Forever Japan
  • PC88 - Sorcerian Japan
  • PC98 - Sorcerian Japan
  • TGCD - Sorcerian Japan

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