Quake II (1997)

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The second installment of id Software's Quake series of fast-paced first-person shooters abandons the original's Lovecraftian theme for a hard sci-fi aesthetic. A lone space marine must infiltrate the homeworld of a hostile bio-mechanical race known as the Strogg and prevent them from invading Earth.
First released
Dec 9, 1997
Q2, Quake 2
Developed by
id Software, Sonic Mayhem, HammerHead Ltd., Logicware, Inc.
Published by
Activision, Hyperion Entertainment, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc., Zenimax Media Inc
Amiga, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PC, Zeebo
Action, First-Person Shooter
Horror, Sci-Fi
  • N64 - Quake II United States
  • PC - Quake II United Kingdom
  • PC - Quake II United States
  • PC - Quake II: Quad Damage United States
  • PC - id Super Pack (Steam) United States
  • PC - Quake II United Kingdom
  • PS1 - Quake II United States
  • X360 - Quake II HD United States

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Drinking Game
Tough game to review. In college (1999) by best friend and I made this into a drinking game on the PS1... which we still play to this day. To be frank, I never got into the main story line as the game has loading times longer than the release dates between Duke Nuke'm games and more frequent than my masturbation schedule when I discovered my best friends' Playboy collection while he was gone for the weekend. I only give the game as many stars as I did because now that I'm all grown up my best friend and I still play it despite the fact that the graphics haven't held up well, and it looks worse than his bed did the weekend I discovered his Playboy collection while he was gone. In short if you haven't played this for the PS1 you can skip it and if you ever masturbate in your best friends bed in college while he is gone for the weekend he probably won't believe it was burglars who broke in and did it.
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