Doom (1993)

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In one of the most revolutionary first-person shooters of the 1990s, players control the last remaining space marine in the demon-infested stations on Mars' moons.
First released
Dec 10, 1993
Doom Classic
Developed by
id Software, Zenimax Media Inc, David A. Palmer Productions, Infinity Co., Ltd., Nerve Software, LLC
Published by
id Software, Softbank Corp., Bethesda Softworks
Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Mac, PlayStation, 3DO, Jaguar, Sega 32X, Saturn, Xbox 360 Games Store, PlayStation Network (PS3), PC, iPhone, NEC PC-9801, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, Nintendo Switch
First-Person Shooter
Horror, Sci-Fi
  • 32X - DOOM United States
  • 32X - DOOM Japan
  • 32X - Doom United Kingdom
  • 3DO - DOOM United States
  • GBA - DOOM United States
  • GBA - Doom United Kingdom
  • IPHN - Doom Classic United States
  • JAG - Doom United States
  • JAG - Doom United Kingdom
  • LIN - DOOM United States
  • MAC - DOOM United States
  • NSW - Doom (1993) United Kingdom
  • NSW - Doom (1993) United States
  • PC - DOOM United States
  • PC - DOOM United States
  • PC - Doom - Collector's Edition United Kingdom
  • PC - Doom Collectors Edition United States
  • PC98 - Doom Japan
  • PS1 - Doom United Kingdom
  • PS1 - Doom Japan
  • PS1 - DOOM United States
  • PS3N - DOOM Classic Complete United States
  • PS4 - Doom (1993) United States
  • SAT - Doom United States
  • SAT - Doom Japan
  • SNES - Doom United Kingdom
  • SNES - Doom Japan
  • SNES - Doom United States
  • XBGS - DOOM United States
  • XONE - Doom (1993) United States

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*Warning: spoilers* Most classic of them all.
You cannot go further back in nostalgia lane than DOOM. This is a work of art from a simpler time. Just boot it up and kill some demons. As a kid, I could never finish this game because of it’s difficulty, but many years later, I gave it a shot and it was still as enjoyable as I remember.

The concept and story is simple in DOOM. Humans have settled on Mars, but their greed takes its toll and they open a portal to hell itself. The Mars Colony is invaded by hordes of demons and it is up to the hero “Doom Guy” to save the day. You blast your way through different parts of the Mars Colony station and eventually end up in hell to take the fight to the demons.

Gameplay wise, you either destroy a boss or find the right keycards to reach the exit of the map. It is classic game design that spawned the foundation of all FPS games that followed. You choice five scenario’s, each consisting of a certain amount of levels. The campaigns are alle linked to each other and, for the correct time line, need to be played in order, although the game lets you decide what to play first.

You can find many different weapons to aid you in the fight against the demons. A shotgun, machine gun, plasma rifle and even a freaking chainsaw. In the end, you find the best weapon in the game, the BFG. The meaning of those three letters alone, is reason enough to play the game.

In terms of graphics, even today, it is still fine to look at. Of course, this game has been modded more times than I can count, with HD graphics and effects, but the original game on PC is still fine. I had no trouble with the “outdated graphics”.

Sound wise, DOOM is still a surprising piece of art. The screams and grunts of fallen demons still pierce through your ears and soul, and the music is just as badass as it was back then. For me, this was one of the biggest plusses.

I really enjoyed exploring the levels in search of secret areas. Secrets can be anywhere in the game so bumping against every wall, while pressing space, was a necessity.

DOOM is relentlessly hard, especially on higher difficulties, but it remains fair, even to this day. You can find enough health kits and powerups, giving the game a fair balance between difficulty and challenge.

Overall, it is, and remains, an all time classic, one that I can boot up anytime and play again. Its still fast paced, brutal and fun.

Definitely would recommend this timeless classic.
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