Will Rock (2003)

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Will Rock must save his girlfriend from Zeus and his cronies in this fast-paced first-person shooter by Saber Interactive.
First released
Jun 9, 2003
Developed by
Saber Interactive
Published by
Russobit-M, Ubisoft Entertainment
Action, First-Person Shooter
PEGI: 16+, ESRB: M
  • PC - Will Rock United Kingdom
  • PC - Will Rock United States

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*Warning: spoilers* Serious Sam clone that is done fairly well
Will Rock is a good game that is almost an exact clone of Serious Sam in terms of game play, progression and mechanics. It is however different enough to make it a fairly good game on its own and I liked it very much.

In Will Rock, you are Will Rock (just like you are Sam, Serious Sam), and you, your girlfriend and your mentor are traveling to ancient Greece to dig up some artifacts. You get ambushed by some local militia/cultists that worships Zeus and your mentor is killed, and your girlfriend is captured.This militia is never mentioned again and now it is all the fault of Zeus (you know, the Almighty powerful God and stuff). Time is short because Zeus can choose his next wife soon and he has its eyes set on your lovely girlfriend. He is ready to tap her and show her his bolt, and you need to stop him.To help you, a Titan called Prometheus aids you which his powers, making you a demigod. He has his own reason to hate Zeus and together you form the ultimate weapon of vengeance.

You progress through a fair number of different stages, all set in ancient Greece. On the way you fight many different Greek mythical creatures and ancient skeletons, fight some bosses like Hephaestus and a cyclops for example and just try not to die.

I have to say that I really liked the enemies in Will Rock, they are all original representations of Greek mythology. You got Satyrs, Minotaur’s and Centaurs. Oh yeah, you also got annoying, hard to hit birds that sh!t fireballs on your head.

You can use eleven different weapons in the game, like a shotgun, machine gun, expansion gun and pistol. In Will Rock, you can also use God like powers like immortality and slow time. This bonuses can be purchased on various altars that you find in the game. You pay in gold, that you can find on each map. This mechanic is a nice addition and makes it somewhat different from Serious Sam.

The graphics are really fair for a game this old. It looks like Serious Sam, but a little rougher. The environments however all are nicely detailed, and the lightning effects are great. What sets the graphics apart for me, however, is the excellent animation of the enemy models, their movement and their attacks. It runs very smooth and not as stiff as the first Serious Sam game in my opinion. There is a problem with the graphics, however. Enemies do kind of blend in with the background because of the color pallets. Many times, I got hit by an enemy and needed to squint my eyes to see that a Satyr was pumping me full of arrows on a ledge that was just as brown as he.

In terms of sound, Will Rock did a really good job. The weapon fire sounds solid, the enemy grunts and death sounds are brutal, and the fight tracks are really nice. It is a good thing that they at least copied the quality of the sound and music from Serious Sam and still make it unique.

The controls and hit detection are fine, although the animations move cycles of the enemies make it a little hard to detect sometimes of you are about to hit your target. This is especially the case with the stupid birds.

Overall, Will Rock is a good game, and although it is indeed a rip off of Serious Sam, I think it is a worthy rip off that earned its place as a true classic.

I enjoyed the game and would surely recommend it.
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