Ballz 3D

1.84 from 3 votes
A unique fighting game that gives the illusion of 3D by having all fighters composed of nothing but pre-rendered balls of various colors and sizes.
First released
Ballz: The Director's Cut, 3 Jigen Kakuto: Ballz, Ballz 3D: The Battle of the Ballz, Balls 3D
Developed by
PF Magic
Published by
Accolade, Inc., Media Rings Corporation, Panasonic Interactive Media
Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 3DO
Comedy, Abstract
  • 3DO - Ballz: The Director's Cut United States
  • GEN - Ballz 3D United Kingdom
  • SNES - 3 Jigen Kakuto: Ballz 3D Japan
  • SNES - Ballz 3D United States

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