BioShock (2007)

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Venture into the mysterious, Utopian underwater city of Rapture and discover what has turned it into ruin in this first-person epic.
First released
Aug 21, 2007
Developed by
Irrational Games, 2K Australia, 2K Marin
Published by
2K Games, Feral Interactive, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Games Store, PlayStation Network (PS3), PC, iPhone, iPad
First-Person Shooter, Action-Adventure
Sci-Fi, Alternate Historical, Steampunk
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Community reviews

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Still the absolute best game I have played in my whole life.
BioShock came as a total surprise to me when I first played in on my PlayStation 3. Its story, atmosphere and mechanics immediately got my attention.

It is a totally different game from other shooters where te goal is surviving instead of killing every living thing in sight. You need to be tactful, careful, resourceful and must use your surroundings to survive. Every decision you make, story wise or how you want to play the game has a huge impact on your progression.

This is a game you play for the story. It has the strongest story and plot I have ever experienced in a game. It is simply perfect. For this reason, I enjoyed every minute of the game to see what happened next. The developers put their hearts into this game and wanted to let you know what is happening in and around Rapture. I am not going to spoil it tough; this is something you need to experience for yourself.

BioShock still has impressive graphics and animations and the design of each level is a masterpiece in my opinion. Also, the ambient sound, speech and weapon sounds are really well done. It adds greatly to the experience. A shot from your revolver with surround sound on, sounds like a real bullet flying trough your window.

There are no complaints from my end for this game. Sure, on higher difficulties the game can be brutal and unforgiving but strangely this is the only game where I see this as a challenge, rather then an unfair fight or cheap death. The best example I have, is taking down a Rosie without any upgrades or Tonics on Survivor difficulty by letting him walk up and down on a platform.

The DLC challenges are lots of fun. They empower the things I said at the beginning of the review where you need to think, use your resources well and figure out the right way to progress further.

Like I said before, BioShock is and will always be the best game I ever played to this day. No other game today has given me the feeling of ultimate satisfaction, adrenaline, focus and joy like this game does.

Needless to say, I absolutely recommend this game.
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