Smash TV

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A dual-joystick Arcade shooter ported to nearly every contemporary system. Contestants gear up to win fantastic prizes on the most violent game show on TV.
First released
Super Smash TV
Developed by
Williams Electronic Games, Inc., Probe Entertainment
Published by
Midway Games, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Flying Edge, Ocean Software Ltd., The Hit Squad
Amiga, Game Gear, Genesis, Sega Master System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Nintendo Entertainment System, Arcade, Xbox 360 Games Store
Dual-Joystick Shooter
Sci-Fi, Game Show
  • AMI - Smash T.V. United States
  • AMI - Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • ARC - Smash TV United States
  • AST - Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • C64 - Smash T.V. United States
  • C64 - Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • CPC - Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • GEN - Super Smash TV United States
  • GEN - Super Smash TV United Kingdom
  • GG - Smash T.V. United States
  • GG - Smash T.V. Japan
  • GG - Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • NES - Smash T.V. United States
  • NES - Smash T.V. Australia
  • SMS - Smash T.V. United States
  • SNES - Super Smash T.V. United States
  • SNES - Smash T.V. Japan
  • SNES - Super Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • SPEC - Smash T.V. United Kingdom
  • XBGS - Smash TV United States

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