Metal Gear Ac!d (2004)

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Metal Gear Ac!d is a turn-based trading card game released for the PSP and forms its own continuity separate from the main Metal Gear universe. Solid Snake returns as the protagonist to face a group of terrorists demanding Pythagoras, a secret research project being developed in the Moloni Republic.
First released
Dec 16, 2004
MGA, Metal Gear Acid
Metal Gear, Metal Gear Ac!d
Developed by
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
Published by
PlayStation Portable
Action, Strategy, Card Game
BBFC: 15, ESRB: M, CERO: 15+, OFLC: M15+
  • PSP - Metal Gear Acid United Kingdom
  • PSP - Metal Gear Acid United States
  • PSP - Metal Gear Acid Japan
  • PSP - Metal Gear Acid (PSP the Best) Japan
  • PSP - Metal Gear Acid Australia

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Strategy based card game based upon Metal Gear
Game: Metal Gear Acid
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
System: Playstation Portable (PSP)
Year of Release: 2005
Length of Playthrough: 19 Hours

Total Score: 82/100
Value Score: 8.2/10

• Story: 9/10
• Characters: 8/10
• GamePlay: 8/10
• Graphics: 7/10
• Sound: 8/10
• Music: 8/10
• Length: 8/10
• Replay Value: 8/10
• Player Value: 8/10

+Good story and decent set of characters
+Great unique style of gameplay using strategy gameplay aspects combined with Metal Gear series stealth and strategy
+Lots of references and items related to previous MGS games
+Multiple difficulty choices (Normal and Extreme)
+New Game+

-Sometimes the game can be frustrating in terms of difficulty and certain requirements during battles can be annoying
-Sometimes the game does not assist the player in terms of how to progress through a level clearly enough
-FPS drops throughout different parts of the game
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