Mega Man Legends (1997)

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Mega Man's legendary transition to 3D was notable for its new action-RPG like approach and anime-styled storyline.
First released
Dec 18, 1997
Mega Man 64, Rockman Dash
Mega Man, Mega Man Legends
Developed by
Published by
PlayStation Portable, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PlayStation Network (PS3), PC, PlayStation Network (Vita)
Role-Playing, Action-Adventure
Sci-Fi, Anime
ESRB: E, CERO: All Ages
  • N64 - Mega Man 64 United States
  • N64 - RockMan Dash: Hagane no Boukenshin Japan
  • PC - Mega Man Legends United States
  • PS1 - Mega Man Legends United States
  • PS1 - Mega Man Legends United Kingdom
  • PS1 - Mega Man Legends (Greatest Hits) United States
  • PS1 - RockMan Dash (PlayStation the Best) Japan
  • PS1 - RockMan Dash: Hagane no Bōkenshin Japan
  • PS3N - Mega Man Legends (PSOne Classic) United States
  • PSP - Rockman DASH: Hagane no Boukenshin Japan

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