The Vagrant (2017)

3.60 from 5 votes
A side-scrolling action RPG from O.T.K Games and SakuraGame.
First released
Jun 9, 2017
Developed by
O.T.K Games
Published by
PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5
Role-Playing, Action-Adventure
  • PC - The Vagrant (Early Access) United States
  • PC - The Vagrant United States

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The Vagrant is a gem among indies
Game: The Vagrant
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: O.T.K Games
Publisher: SakuraGame
System: Steam (PC)
Year of Release: 2018
Length of Playthrough: 11 Hours

Total Score: 83/100
Value Score: 8.3/10

• Story: 8/10
• Characters: 8/10
• GamePlay: 8/10
• Graphics: 8/10
• Sound: 8/10
• Music: 9/10
• Length: 7/10
• Replay Value: 8/10
• Player Value: 9/10

+Decent story with two endings
+Visual design and animation similar to Vanillaware games like Odin Sphere, Dragon's Crown, etc
+Good OST
+A ton of customization and RPG elements to shape up your character the way you want to play
+New Game Plus and multiple difficulty modes
+Fully compatible with controllers (used a Dualshock 4)

-Some visual mistakes like text overwritten (mostly noticeable with food items near end of game)
-Some animations lagged during when there were a lot of animations, objects on screen, etc
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