Kung-Fu Master

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Help Thomas save his girlfriend, Sylvia, as he battles minions and dragons over five side-scrolling, action packed levels, Kung-Fu style. Based on the Jackie Chan movie Wheels on Meals, Kung-Fu Master (Spartan X in Japan) is often credited for creating the beat 'em up genre.
First released
Kung Fu, Spartan X, Seiken Achō
Spartan X
Developed by
Irem Corp.
Published by
Absolute Entertainment, Data East Corporation, Nintendo, U.S. Gold Ltd., Activision, Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty. Ltd., Choice Software, Berkeley Softworks, ASCII Corporation
Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Commodore 64, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Arcade
Action, Brawler
Martial Arts
  • 2600 - Kung-Fu Master United States
  • 7800 - Kung-Fu Master United States
  • APL2 - Kung-Fu Master United States
  • ARC - Spartan X Japan
  • ARC - Kung-Fu Master United States
  • C64 - Kung-Fu Master United States
  • C64 - Kung-Fu Master United Kingdom
  • CPC - Kung-Fu Master United Kingdom
  • GB - Kung Fu Master United States
  • GB - Spartan X Japan
  • GB - Kung Fu Master United Kingdom
  • MSX - Seiken Achō Japan
  • NES - Spartan X Japan
  • NES - Kung Fu United States
  • NES - Kung Fu Australia
  • NES - Kung Fu United Kingdom
  • SPEC - The Gold Collection II United Kingdom

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