Quest 64 (1998)

2.36 from 7 votes
The first traditional JRPG released for the Nintendo 64, Quest 64 follows a young mage apprentice as he embarks on an adventure through the fantasy world of Celtland in search for his father.
First released
Jun 1, 1998
Holy Magic Century, Eltale Monsters
Developed by
Imagineer Co., Ltd.
Published by
THQ, Imagineer Co., Ltd., Konami
Nintendo 64
  • N64 - Quest 64 United States
  • N64 - Holy Magic Century United Kingdom
  • N64 - Eltale Monsters Japan

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One of the worst RPGs ever made
Game: Quest 64
Genre: RPG
Developer: THQ/Imagineer
System: Nintendo 64 (N64)
Total Score: 48/100
Value Score: 4.8/10

• Story: 3/10
• Characters: 5/10
• GamePlay: 6/10
• Graphics: 5/10
• Sound: 5/10
• Music: 6/10
• Length: 5/10
• Replay Value: 1/10
• Player Value: 2/10

+The monster designs are unique and there are a huge variety of different monsters
+The leveling up system is similar to Final Fantasy II where the more damage you take, avoid, etc will increase attributes such as HP, MP etc
+Finding spirits and allocating them to however you like enables players to build their characters however they would like hence allowing them to choose to play a multitude of ways.

-There is practically no plot and any setting or tone to the story is barely touched or mentioned throughout the game
-There are no memorable characters - even the bosses become afterthoughts
-It feels like majority of the gameplay mechanics are missing and it seems like the devs could have done more to add content in the game
-Majority of the game's world is barren/empty - void of NPCs where it would make sense to place them
-The UI is almost non-existent, even during battles its bare bones
-The graphics and environment are bland and boring. Tend to repeat which can lead players in getting lost.
-OST is small and forgettable
-Sound effects are few and get quite repetitive
-Absolutely no replay value and there are no side quests whatsoever however there are few glimpses of where they could have placed many side quests so it seems like the game was rushed to completion.
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