Pokémon X/Y (2013)

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The first Pokémon games on the 3DS and the first to be released simultaneously worldwide.
First released
Oct 12, 2013
Pokemon X/Y, Pokemon Y
Developed by
Game Freak, Inc.
Published by
Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS eShop
Fantasy, Anime
  • 3DS - Pokémon X Japan
  • 3DS - Pokémon X United Kingdom
  • 3DS - Pokémon X United States
  • 3DS - Pokémon X Australia
  • 3DS - Pokémon Y Australia
  • 3DS - Pokémon Y Japan
  • 3DS - Pokémon Y United Kingdom
  • 3DS - Pokémon Y United States
  • 3DSE - Pokémon X Japan
  • 3DSE - Pokémon X United Kingdom
  • 3DSE - Pokémon X United States
  • 3DSE - Pokémon X Australia
  • 3DSE - Pokémon Y Australia
  • 3DSE - Pokémon Y Japan
  • 3DSE - Pokémon Y United Kingdom
  • 3DSE - Pokémon Y United States

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Pokemania is back in my life...
(SPOILER ALERT) This got me absolutely hooked on Pokemon again. The gameplay is very much what you'd expect. Collect Pokemon, beat some evil team who keep appearing all over the place, beat a bunch of gyms and then the elite 4 but it was all very well done and kept me addicted throughout. The addition of exp share really helped make the Pokemon training less of a grind and more fun, which I love. The mega-evolutions were a great touch too. Visually this is the best Pokemon game by a country mile, the nation of Kalos is wonderful and varied and the 3D (even when not stereoscopic) is very nicely done and really helps bring the world to life. The music is great as usual but the biggest improvements come in the online play where things have been drastically improved. I've spent many an hour battling away on battle-spot and although a 6v6 option would have been a nice addition I now enjoy the faster pace of the 3v3 battles. I like all the new starter Pokemon and although there aren't too many new Pokemon this time round most of them are well designed and the fact you can get a huge chunk of the 700 odd available Pokemon on this game is a massive bonus. All in all this is a truly great game.
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