Divekick (2013)

3.48 from 19 votes
Rising to prominence through the American fighting game community, Divekick is an indie fighting game that distills the controls into two simple buttons, requiring clever strategy as players try to score the first hit with their divekick attack!
First released
Aug 20, 2013
Divekick: Addition Edition, Divekick: Addition Edition +
Developed by
Iron Galaxy Studios, One True Game Studios
Published by
Iron Galaxy Studios
PlayStation Network (PS3), PC, PlayStation Network (Vita), Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Comedy, Martial Arts
  • PC - Divekick Australia
  • PC - Divekick United Kingdom
  • PC - Divekick United States
  • PS3N - Divekick Australia
  • PS3N - Divekick United Kingdom
  • PS3N - Divekick United States
  • PS4 - Divekick United Kingdom
  • PS4 - Divekick Australia
  • PS4 - Divekick United States
  • PS4 - Divekick: Addition Edition United States
  • PSNV - Divekick Australia
  • PSNV - Divekick United Kingdom
  • PSNV - Divekick United States
  • XONE - Divekick Australia
  • XONE - Divekick United Kingdom
  • XONE - Divekick United States

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