Gunman Clive (2012)

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Gunman Clive is a western side-scrolling platformer/shooter for iOS platforms and the 3DS eShop. It has a simple-color sketch aesthetic and takes design inspiration from NES-era titles such as Mega Man and Contra.
First released
Dec 20, 2012
Gunman Story
Gunman Clive
Developed by
Horberg Productions
Published by
Horberg Productions, Circle Entertainment
PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo 3DS eShop
Action, Shooter, Platformer
Sci-Fi, Western
  • 3DSE - Gunman Clive United Kingdom
  • 3DSE - Gunman Clive United States
  • 3DSE - Gunman Story Japan
  • PC - Gunman Clive United States

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Great name, great game
A great fun and beautiful download from the eshop. Oh and it’s only £2.

The gameplay in Gunman Clive is pretty basic. You can run, jump, and shoot. That is all, you can only run at one speed and you can only shoot in one direction (a straight line forward). It’s polished to perfection however with your character feeling very solid to control (if a little slow) and shooting bad guys a very satisfying experience. The platforming is well done and I liked the subtly varied level design. The game is very short (I finished it in around one and a half hours) but that is to be expected from such a cheap asking price.

Where the game really stands out is it’s unique sketchbook visual style which is stunning. One of the most beautiful games on the 3DS. The music ain’t half bad either, and when you consider this whole thing was made by one guy, it’s all rather darn impressive. Highly recommended if you’ve got a couple of quid and fancy an awesome 1.5 to 2 hour game.
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