Shinobi (2011)

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Griptonite Games is developing a new Shinobi game for the 3DS.
First released
Nov 15, 2011
Shinobi 3DS
Developed by
Griptonite Games
Published by
Nintendo 3DS
  • 3DS - Shinobi United Kingdom
  • 3DS - Shinobi United States
  • 3DS - Shinobi Australia
  • 3DS - Shinobi 3D Japan

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Really frustrating game
SEGA decided to hire Griptonite Games to revive the Shinobi series. Was it a success?

Well, first thought: the graphics are really ugly. It looks more like a DS game than a 3DS one. It's not a dealbreaker though.

The story isn't worth mentioning, as often with this kind of game.

The soundtrack is decent but tends to get annoying after a while.

Doesn't sound great so far? Well, don't worry. The gameplay is solid, and that's what a game is really about, isn't it?
The parry system is great and forces the player to get good. If you master it, the game will be a lot easier, but still not a cakewalk.
The basic gameplay is similar to the one found in the Megadrive/Genesis Shinobi games: you can attack with a sword, launch kunais, use magic and double jump.

I tried to play the game in Normal mode at first, because I don't like playing in Easy mode except for certain games where Normal mode feels more like Hard mode. In normal mode, you get 5 lives per continue and enemies hit hard. If you lose a continue, you go back to the beginning of the level. However, the Normal mode is brutal and will test your patience, especially in the last stages!
The game only has 9 levels of various lengthes, and you probably won't beat a level under 15-20 minutes the first time around. Trap and enemy placement is very tricky, you will die a lot.

I decided to start over from the beginning in Easy mode, even if I hate that. In this mode enemies do less damage and you have infinites lives, so you only go back to the last checkpoint every time you die.

The last quarter of the game is really hard and frustrating, even in Easy mode. I don't want to think about how hard it would have been if I sticked to Normal mode!

I beat the game in a bit more than 3 hours, but the game is really challenging so if you like that, you should probably buy it! It's not better than its predecessors but it's a game worthy of the name Shinobi at least.
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