Gun Fight

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Gun Fight, also known as Western Gun, is a 1975 arcade shooter. Set in the Wild West, Western Gun was the first on-foot shooter, introduced human combat, was the first open-world action-adventure video game, and the first real-time tactical cover shooter. Gun Fight was also the first microprocessor video game.
First released
Western Gun, Gunfight
Gun Fight
Developed by
Taito Corporation
Published by
Midway Games, Taito Corporation, Nutting Associates, Interceptor Software, Bally Mfg. Corp.
Commodore 64, Arcade, Bally Astrocade
Shooter, Dual-Joystick Shooter, Shoot 'Em Up
  • 2600 - Gunslinger United States
  • A800 - Gunfight United States
  • ARC - Gun Fight United States
  • ARC - Western Gun Japan
  • ARC - Western Gun United Kingdom
  • BAST - Gunfight United States
  • C64 - Gunfight United Kingdom

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