X-Kaliber 2097 (1994)

In the year 2097, the city of Neo New York is run by a tyrant named Raptor. It's up to Slash and his sword, the X-Kaliber, to stop Raptor and his army of Morphs in this futuristic brawler.
First released
Feb 11, 1994
Sword Maniac
Developed by
Published by
Activision, Toshiba-EMI Ltd.
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Brawler, Platformer
Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic
  • SNES - X-Kalibur 2097 United States
  • SNES - Sword Maniac Japan
  • SNES - X-Kaliber 2097 United Kingdom

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