Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (2008)

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Foreign Legion is a third-person gore fest shooter which puts you in the role of a Legionnaire soldier on a mission to defend a small village from being overrun by enemies. With his teammates dead in the sand, he alone must protect them
First released
Aug 4, 2008
Developed by
Sakari Games
Published by
Sakari Games
Mac, PC
Action, Shooter
Modern Military
  • MAC - Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood United States
  • PC - Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood United States

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Simple Indie game that does not offer much
Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood is a simple Indie shooter that is mediocre at best. You take control of some last standing army dude and take on waves of mindless AI rebel soldiers and chickens, yes chickens.

You got a few game modes like escort a tourist bus (in a war zone), wend off waves of enemies and murder all the chickens on the map. The game offers a ranking system in which you fill your buckets with the blood of your enemies to unlock new weapons, outfits, and accessories. In each mode, it is your goal to survive and fill as much buckets as possible. Depending how you kill your enemies, this process can go faster or slower. If you gib enemies for example, the meter goes up faster.

The graphics are nothing special, it has flat cartoon style artwork and while that is fine, the terrible shaders, glitches and flickering makes the game hard to look at most of the times.

Sound wise, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood is a joke. The weapon fire, enemies and surroundings al sound very blend and lifeless. The fight tracks offer some fun while playing but get old fast.

The controls are fine, but the gun play is terrible. There is no rule for hitting your target and I felt that most hits were pure luck based. To top it off, the enemy AI is so incredibly stupid, it feels even more lifeless than it already is. I know that this is a simple Indie game, but even then, when enemies just run toward you, right in your line of fire, it tells me that they are programmed to perform one task and one task only.

Another issue I had with the game is how terrible slow it is. You run like two miles per hour and when hunting the chickens in a map for example, it is painfully, awfully stiff and slow.

Speaking of the chickens, that is the most fun I had with this game. You get a map full of those feathered bastards and just murder the living hell out of them. It was kind of satisfying in an odd way.

Also, besides the fact that the AI has less brain cells then my dog, the game can still be challenging on higher difficulties, giving you some challenge overall.

The main reason to play this game is the achievements. They add some purpose to the game and let you play the game for longer then 15 minutes. I know for sure that I would not have finished it if it did not have them.

In conclusion, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood does not have a reason to exist, yet it does, it is not the worst game ever or something, it is just blend, boring, repetitive and has nothing to offer then some quick achievements.
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