Deathmatch Classic (2001)

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Using the same game engine as Half-Life, Deathmatch Classic is Valve's recreation of the deathmatch portion of id Software's Quake. It was originally made as a free mod for Half-Life, and can be purchased as a standalone game on Steam.
First released
Jun 7, 2001
Developed by
Valve Corporation
Published by
Valve Corporation
Mac, PC, Linux
First-Person Shooter

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As the name suggests, a real classic
Deathmatch Classic is as simple as it gets. Start it up, connect and go shoot people.

The game is a mod from Half-Life in which the original Quake multiplayer has been refined with shinier textures, enhanced models and lightening.

The game play is fast-paced, you re-spawn instantly and the carnage only end when the time is up. I had so much fun with this game and it is still one of the best, yet the simplest online First Person Shooters that I played today.

There are a lot of different weapons scattered around the map like shotguns, machine guns and rocket launchers. Ammo is plenty and while rushing through the stage, you can always find more. The rocket launcher is a little overpowered sometimes, but it does require some skill to land a rocket at the right time between someone’s eyes, so in that perspective, it is well balanced.

The graphics are the same as Quake, but a lot more shinier and more detailed. Not that I cared that much, this is one of those games that would play just as well in 8-bit (as a matter of speech), but the solid frame rate and smooth transition makes this game beautiful in its own way.

The sound design in Death Match Classic is straightforward and uses the same format as Half-Life. It is just as good and when blowing people up with a rocket, the satisfying explosion lets you know you blasted someone’s ass to the moon.

When talking controls, this is the best aspect of the game. Because it is so simple, it plays so fluently that I have the feeling like I am in total control. Aiming is spot on, moving is fast and responsive and changing weapons easy. It is one of the best and most responsive control schemes I have ever experienced to this day. Maybe this is just a weird feeling or something, but still.

There are some matches in which other players are just so good at the game that I don’t know what is happening around me because everything is going so fast, but most times, I just join the fun and enjoy chasing the bastard that just killed me in my previous spawn.

Deathmatch Classic is, in my opinion, one of the fairest shooters out there. What I mean by this, is that everyone, including noobs like me, has a solid chance on wrecking some kills. There are many online shooters in which I just did not stand a chance, but with this game, I always have a fair amount of kills, motivating me to keep playing.

Overall, I really liked Death Match Classic, despite its simplicity. It is one of those games that does not feature all that extra hassle of gaining levels, upgrading stuff, ranking boards, loot boxes etc. It is a blast from the good old days that gives you a break and brings back the definition of Death Match games.

I would surely recommend this little gem to everyone.
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