Battletoads (1991)

3.59 from 28 votes
A genre-defying tale of two toads' quest to rescue their kidnapped friends from the clenches of the Dark Queen. Where Frogger brought frogs to the forefront of videogaming, Battletoads taught children that toads weren't frogs and were here to kick some ass.
First released
Jun 4, 1991
Developed by
Rare, Ltd., Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Published by
Tradewest, Inc., iam8bit
Amiga, Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Amiga CD32, Arcade
Action, Brawler, Platformer
Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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  • GB - Battletoads United Kingdom
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  • GG - Battletoads United States
  • NES - Battletoads United States
  • NES - Battletoads United Kingdom
  • NES - Battletoads Japan

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