Resistance: Retribution (2009)

3.44 from 15 votes
Resistance: Retribution follows the story of former British Marine James who goes on a vendetta against the Chimera after he is forced to kill his own brother inside a Chimeran conversion center.
First released
Mar 17, 2009
Developed by
Bend Game Studio
Published by
Sony Interactive Entertainment America
PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Network (PSP)
Action, Shooter
Sci-Fi, Alternate Historical
ESRB: M, CERO: C, PEGI: 16+, OFLC: MA15+
  • PSP - Resistance: Retribution United States
  • PSP - Resistance: Houfuku no Koku Japan
  • PSP - Resistance: Retribution United Kingdom
  • PSP - Resistance: Retribution Australia
  • PSP - Resistance: Retribution (Platinum) United Kingdom
  • PSPN - Resistance: Retribution United States

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