The Mark of Kri (2002)

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The Mark of Kri is a mash-up of American artwork styles like Disney and Don Bluth with a combination of Polynesian, Asian, and European cultures, and the kind of over the top, brutal violence of the Conan series, all swirled up into one unique if linear, game.
First released
Jul 29, 2002
Developed by
San Diego Studio, Bottlerocket Entertainment
Published by
Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4
ESRB: M, BBFC: 15, CERO: 15+
  • PS2 - The Mark of Kri United States
  • PS2 - The Mark of Kri United Kingdom
  • PS2 - The Mark of Kri Japan
  • PS3N - The Mark of Kri (PS2 Classics) United States

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