Ghost Squad (2007)

2.88 from 12 votes
Aim, shoot, duck, reload! You are a member of the elite GHOST squad - you must eliminate the terrorists, save the hostages and ultimately keep the peace of the world intact.
First released
Nov 20, 2007
Developed by
SEGA-AM2, Polygon Magic
Published by
Sega, SEGA-AM2
Amiga, Wii, Arcade
Shooter, Light-Gun Shooter
Comedy, Modern Military
ESRB: T, PEGI: 16+
  • ARC - Ghost Squad United States
  • ARC - Ghost Squad Japan
  • ARC - Ghost Squad United Kingdom
  • Wii - Ghost Squad United States
  • Wii - Ghost Squad United Kingdom
  • Wii - Ghost Squad Australia
  • Wii - Ghost Squad Japan

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