Guilty Gear XX #Reload (2003)

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The first revision of Guitly Gear XX, rebalancing the character roster while adding Robo-Ky as a playable character from the start. Its console version also expands most game modes, with the Xbox version introducing online multiplayer.
First released
Mar 26, 2003
Guilty Gear
Developed by
Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Published by
ZOO Digital Publishing Ltd, Majesco Entertainment, Xbox Game Studios, Sega, Arc System Works Co., Ltd., KISS Publishing Ltd, Funbox Media Ltd., Sammy Corporation
PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Arcade, Xbox 360 Games Store, PC
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime
  • PC - Guilty Gear X2 #Reload United Kingdom
  • PS2 - Guilty Gear X2 #Reload United Kingdom
  • PS2 - Guilty Gear XX #Reload Japan
  • PSP - Guilty Gear XX #Reload Japan
  • XBOX - Guilty Gear X2 #Reload United States
  • XBOX - Guilty Gear XX #Reload Japan

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Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded is a great improvement over the original
Game: Guilty Gear X2 #Reloaded
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Arc System Works
System: Steam (PC)
Total Score: 87/100
Value Score: 8.7/10

• Story: 7/10
• Characters: 9/10
• GamePlay: 9/10
• Graphics: 8/10
• Sound: 10/10
• Music: 10/10
• Length: 7/10
• Replay Value: 9/10
• Player Value: 8/10

+Story mode consists of 3 different arcs for each character - depending on how you play and how long each fight takes, the path changes and the ending along with it
+Game consists of many modes such as Story, Arcade, Mission, Survival and MOM (which is like survival but you get medals which heal you when doing combos), 2P versus, Online - pretty much what you would expect in a fighter unlike the Isuka version
+Visuals and resolution look a lot better in this game than Isuka - the PC version offers a exe boot up that actually gives you better graphic options before playing the game
+Gallery mode allows you to check out artwork, cutscenes and endings for characters you played as alongside you can listen to the OST.
+The OST has a lot of memorable tracks and is well made for the game - fits well with the themes of the stages that you get to fight in.

-The story mode puts you through certain requirements to continue in fights such as using only Supers or special attacks on enemies - this can provide a challenge but at the same time can be an annoyance
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