Killer7 (2005)

4.00 from 31 votes
Killer7 follows Harman Smith, a wheelchair-bound assassin with multiple personalities that manifest as seven seemingly supernatural killers. And the premise is the least weird thing about the game.
First released
Jun 9, 2005
Kill the Past
Developed by
Grasshopper Manufacture inc.
Published by
Capcom, NIS America, Inc.
PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC
Action, Shooter
Horror, Fantasy, Crime, Anime
ESRB: M, CERO: 18+, PEGI: 18+
  • GCN - Killer7 United States
  • GCN - Killer7 Japan
  • GCN - Killer7 United Kingdom
  • PC - Killer7 United States
  • PS2 - Killer7 Japan
  • PS2 - Killer7 United Kingdom
  • PS2 - Killer7 United States

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