Dragon Buster

Dragon Buster is a dungeon-crawling, arcade platformer with RPG elements, released by Namco in 1985. It was later ported to various home systems. It featured several firsts in gaming history: the double-jump, the life meter, and the hub world map. It was also one of the first action games with RPG elements.
First released
Dragon Buster, Video Game Anthology
Developed by
Namco, TOSE Co., Ltd.
Published by
Namco, Bandai Namco Entertainment
MSX, Nintendo Entertainment System, Arcade, Wii Shop, Sharp X68000, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, Sharp X1, FM-7, Nintendo 3DS eShop, Wii U
Action, Role-Playing, Platformer
Fantasy, Medieval
  • 3DSE - Dragon Buster (Famicom Version) Japan
  • ARC - Dragon Buster Japan
  • ARC - Dragon Buster United States
  • NES - Dragon Buster Japan
  • WiiU - Dragon Buster (Famicom Version) Japan
  • WSHP - Dragon Buster (Famicom Version) Japan
  • X68K - Video Game Anthology vol. 7: Dragon Buster Japan

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