Brandish (1991)

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A top-down dungeon crawling action RPG originally released for the NEC PC-9801 in 1991 and was later ported to the SNES and released in North America.
First released
Oct 25, 1991
Developed by
Nihon Falcom Corp.
Published by
Koei, Nihon Falcom Corp., Mantra
Super Nintendo Entertainment System, TurboGrafx-CD, PC, FM Towns, NEC PC-9801
Role-Playing, Action-Adventure
Fantasy, Anime
  • FMT - Brandish Japan
  • PC98 - Brandish Japan
  • PC98 - Brandish Renewal Japan
  • SNES - Brandish Japan
  • SNES - Brandish United States
  • TGCD - Brandish Japan

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